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Development of a striped spirit fabric consisting of juxtaposition of bands of different materials (waxed braid, fleece bands, cotton, jersey) according to a pre-established rhythm. Photographer Frank PRIGENT

Elaboration of a fabric recomposed embroidered of lace guipure, perle lace and cotton lace on a base of linen and shintz openwork Process of latex and talc finish in order to bring a worn, dusty side to the product. Photographer Frank PRIGENT

Collar: Handmade plumage made from various fabrics (wool, cotton, k-way, brocade) worked in thermo-heating in the center of the feather to produce the natural astetic of the feather, then assembled on cotton ties before being applied on a base for the development of clothing in itself. Coat: Work on a faux fur, repainted to bring an oiled look to the whole. Photographer Frank PRIGENT

Top: Elaboration of a plastron made from lasered leather bands and other materials (cotton fleece, cotton jersey) reassembled to each other so as to obtain an irregular panel. Photographer Frank PRIGENT

Elaboration of a carapace, leather integration, k-way rewound on a cotton base, the leather is washed and stitched randomly. this new animal skin established application of various braids and leather braids to enhance the overall armour effect and natural protection. Photographer Frank PRIGENT