Sandrine Philippe

After completing her studies in fashion design, Sandrine worked as a designer for both Popy Moreni and Courrèges before starting her own brand in 1998.
Her designs are now sold across the world in France, Germany, China, Japan, The Middle East, USA,Switzerland, Italy, Belgium etc.

Highly commited to working with natural fibres and skins, the creative processes of Sandrine inspire new and innovative textures, within each collection. A great deal of experimental research with hand-dying, embroidery and fabric melanges, has resulted in incredibly artisanal garments.

Initially working solely on womenswear, it has now been four seasons since Sandrine introduced her first full menswear collection. Both the womenswear and menswear ranges are intricately linked, thus enabling a true creative fluency.

Alongside her personal collection, Sandrine is concurrently collaborating with various, artists,musicians and also the world of theatre. These independant projects play as a source of great inspiration and establish a very strong link to an artistic universe, that reaches beyond the realms of fashion alone.

It has been two seasons now, since Sandrine Philippe has sarted new collaborations with a renewed team of photographers and graphic designers in order to bring a different creative process to this atypical univers

Sandrine is simultaneously involved with several exterior projects: Her artisanal approach to designing and creating new and innovative textures has also led to several very exciting consulting roles; for both independant brands and concept stores.

this season she developps a new line more « couture » for creatives installations