February 1st 2017

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Sandrine Philippe and her universe

Imagine a little girl in her attic discovering her grand-mather’s clothes in a trunk. Each dress she finds is aged, lived-in and exquisite in its experience of having been worn, having been worn, having been a part of someone’s life, of framing someone’s personality.

Walk into Sandrine Philippe’s atelier and this is what you will find is precious in its unique fragility. Each outfit is meant to make you think of the story behind it ; it’s meant to make your imagination run wild as you rediscover the poetic dreamer within. She wants her clothes to be able to excite emotions, create fantasies and evoke memories.

The Parisian designer herself has a potent energy about her like the little girl on her path to discovering hidden treasures in her attic. She weaves this energy into all her designs and creations.Sandrine’s identity lies in natural materials like cotton, wool or the more precious silk.

In keeping with this naturalist theme, all her designs have at least one aspect to them that is hand-made or hand-painted. Each collection is a melange of the stylish with a touch of unusal, the retro and the ludique.

In Sandrine Philippe’s atelier you will find a wide variety of outfits that include the very precious evening gown to a daily wear t-shirt. Here collections are versatile and perfect for stylish contemporary wardrobes. With simple cuts, the clothes are easy to manage, have a high level of confort and make you feel like you’re in the possession of a priceless and timeless garment.

Sandrine Philippe studied fashion design in France and worked as a designer with Popy Moreni and Courrèges after which she created her own brand.
Her clothes are distributed and sold in France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Kuwait, UAE, USA, Italy, Japan, Labanon…

Focus on beauty backstage and performance at Menswear Fashion Week in Paris.